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Megamind - Sexbomb (Fanvid)
I feel embarased posting about this now when I actually finished the fanvid ages ago, but you know as they say better late than never right. :)

This time it's Megamind with Tom Jones' Sex Bomb. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Megamind - Unspeakable (Fanvid)
So I have finally finished my second fanvid.

And this time it was not a hair pulling process as I used a different video editing software rather than windows movie maker that made my computer crash all the time.

This video is more a tribute to all us girl fans, but also a dedication to Roxanne's love for our favourite blue hero.

It was really fun to make, so I hope you enjoy it. :D

Megamind fanfic on halt

The first chapter is out and I am happy with it, it looks ok considering my not so great writing skills and I have had a few positive comments about it, which I can’t express how happy I am about considering it’s my first completed chapter in a fanfic ever.

Just noticed how I am not praising my self up there? Well there is a reason for that.

I have just entered one of my serious criticism modes, everything I write looks bad and unprofessional and now that I am on to editing the second chapter it's not going so great.
I write something and then delete the whole thing again because I don't think it looks good enough. I have really high expectations in my skills, way higher than I know I am capable of. And when I can't reach those expectations I get angry.

I know I am not being fair on my self, I mean I know people are not great at things when they just start. I have never really written anything all my life, and then when I start, I can't expect to be a professional author strait away. It takes practise.
But this is something I have been struggling with almost all my life, all due to low self-esteem and me doubting in everything I do.

Well I am not going to give up on my fanfic, no way. And I don’t want to let all of you who have read the first chapter hanging, but I am just not sure when I will get past this. I hope it's just and obstacle I need to crawl over so I can get back to my creative mood again.

God even when I am writing this don’t think it looks good enough and keep writing it over and over.
Is there not anyway I can turn of the critique in my head?

Don't keep me waiting - Chapter 1
This is my first ever fanfic so all the chapters is going to be really short. But I rather want it that way as I am still a writer in training, I have no skills in it what so ever and I should not take bigger steps than what I am capable of.

It took me a while to write this as I was going inside the heads of people a lot and it wasn't easy, so I am sorry for this chapter not being very eventful but this is more an intro of sorts setting up what will happen in the next 2 chapters.

Special thanks goes to my beta reader[info]yuui888 she did magic on this fanfic, making it what it is now.

Megamind - All the way 4U (Fanvid)
I managed to make a Megamind fanvid that I really wanted to do when I heard All the way 4 U with Poets of the Fall.

It took a lot longer than it had to because Windows Movie Maker kept making my computer freeze so I had to restart often.
My own critical eye was also a contributing factor, but once I got past that I managed to make a really good fanvid.

It's my first ever fanvid, but I am very proud of it because I think it turned out quite well.

Well here it is, enjoy. :)

Just saying hi
I was looking around online to find a place with fellow Megamind fans and I stumbled across this place.
And now I am totally happy that I did, I never knew there was so many fans of Megamind, it's awesome to know that I am not alone.

I started to be creative shortly after, so all my creative Megamind related things will appear here for you to enjoy.

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